Itay Mineral Makeup began with one simple idea:Natural Beauty.

The idea that every woman on Earth is born beautiful—with a vision of grace and elegance that is all her own. With this in mind, we turned to the natural world around us for inspiration and found it in the rolling fields and infinite seas of the Italian landscape. The myriad shades of blue swimming in the Italian lagoons became the blues of our eyeshadow. The glowing summer sunsets inspired the rosy hues of our blush and the golden shades of our bronzers. The warm ochre tones of the earth itself and the crumbling marble buildings became the shades of our foundations. We drew inspiration from the most beautiful place on Earth to create the most beautiful makeup on Earth. Itay Mineral Makeup was created to enhance your natural beauty rather than cover it up with harsh chemicals and dyes. And we understand that no two women are exactly alike, that’s why our line of mineral makeup contains over 150 different colors individually designed to complement your own, unique brand of beauty. Because each and every woman deserves to feel like a goddess. Beauty is all around us if you know where to look. Itay Mineral Makeup—make you so beautiful!!!

“ITAY BEAUTY MINERAL COSMETICS ” is registered trademark